Michelle Millard on How it Feels to become an Ice Miler!

February 25, 2015 8:44 pm

Ice Mile certificateSaturday 21st February 2015 saw me become an Ice Miler. I didn’t expect to be swimming an ice mile but at very short notice I did and arrived at Harthill armed with blankets, 4 hot water bottles and more hand warmers than you can shake a stick at!

Fortunately the water was warmer at 4.17 degrees then when I swam my Ice K last month which was 2.5 degrees.

Getting in was fine….swimming the first half mile was fine…probably the first third of the second half mile was fine then the cold really hit me…and the rest wasn’t so fine, it was pretty blooming tough! I knew I was swimming but I didn’t feel I was moving, I couldn’t feel my body as it was so cold at that stage but could certainly hear Leon, Ian, Jess and Simon shouting encouragement at me!

Approaching the exit I remember thinking I’ve done it….you just need to stand up now…easier said then done and I was falling forwards, staggering backwards like a drunkard (yes, the video footage is amusing!) but after what felt like ages I managed to stand up.

The recovery is another story – I won’t go into detail as it will put people off for life but Jess and Jane have been telling me snippets of what I was babbling about (embarrassing lol!)

The highs of achieving this goal for me has been the fantastic friends I have made along the way, I was well looked after from start to finish by the support team – I trust them with my life (literally) and feel very fortunate to be part of such a great club – Harthill is fast on the way to becoming THE place to swim and achieve for so many athletes.

Thank you for the support

Michelle Millard (YOS Member and Ice Miler)

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