IISA-logo01An Ice Mile swim – a one mile swim in water under 5ºC – is perhaps one of the most difficult endurance challenges in the world of sport, let alone swimming…  We have a growing number of Ice Milers who have been helping to coach our Winter Swim Club, with the team from Swimyourswim (SYS), and it looks like this winter season we are going to have record numbers of swimmers attempting Ice Miles at Harthill Reservoir.

If you would like to know more about the ins and outs of Ice Mile swimming a good place to start is the International Ice Swimming Association website or why not pop along to one of our Saturday afternoon winter swim sessions and ask an Ice Miler all about their experiences!

Through out this winter season, YOS and SYS, will be providing coaching for those wanting to progress to an Ice Mile attempt. And, over the next few months (as the water temperature gets to 6ºC and below) alongside our CHILLYDIP event (with its’ 30m ice-relays and 450m individual ice swims), we will be setting up IceK-style swims to allow prospective Ice Milers complete the prerequisite qualifying swims.

If you plan to do attempt an Ice Mile please get in touch.  And, if you’ve already done that, and you’re on our list of  ‘madduns’ you will need to download the MEDICAL form, and ICE MILE info forms so that you can get all the registration, medicals, ECGs and preparation sorted…



Finally, don’t forget about signing up for a 450m ice swim or getting a team together for the 30m ice-relays… find out more information here: