Final preparations are being made this week for the Chilly Dip event at Harthill Reservoir on Saturday 12th December.  The lanes are being set up and the 450m course buoys are set in place – it’s beginning to look a lot like there’s a Chilly Dip event on!

Please note that all Relay Teams should be at Harthill to complete their registration at 9am on Saturday morning, with swimmers taking part in the 450m being required to complete their  registration at 11am.

Here’s the CHILLY DIP 2015 RACE ORDER:

CHILLY RELAYS – Please be at the water entry point 5 minutes before the race start time. The relays involve 4 legs of 30m.  Each swimmer will swim 2 lengths of a 15m laned route (out and back).  The first swimmer from each team will be invited into the water to acclimatise before the race start.  Once the race has started, the second leg swimmers should enter the water to acclimatise in the holding area, and start their swim once the first swimmer has completed their swim and tagged them.  The third swimmer can enter the acclimatisation area once the first swimmer has exited the water.  This pattern repeats for each leg of the swim.  There will be a full briefing on the morning of the swim.

10:00 – Team Relay Race 1

Lane 1: Yorkshire Avengers
Lane 2: Spandex All Stars
Lane 3: Flobs
Lane 4: Pain is temporary

10:30 – Team Relay Race 2

Lane 1: The King Of Shivers Royal Court
Lane 2: The Swim Reapers
Lane 3: Chilly Nips

450m CHILLY RACES – Please be at the water entry point 5 minutes before your swim time.  Swims will involve 2 loops of a pre-set ‘mini’ loop of red buoys.  Swimmers will be invited into the water for acclimatisation prior to the race start.  The swim will start once all swimmers are ready.  There will be a full briefing on the morning of the swim.

11:40 – 450 Race 1

Nicola Naunton
Lorraine Watson
Danielle Watson Hill
Alison Brisby
Pat Cook-Rogers

12:00 – 450 Race 2

Mark Guest
George Clare
Val Smith
Joanne Hoare
Joe Gore

12:20 – 450 Race 3

Paul Powell
Caroline Sims
Sarah Gatland
Kevin Cronshaw
Vicky Watson

12:40 – 450 Race 4

Simon Porter
Theo Pearson
Mark Yare
Jane Sedman

13:00 – 450 Race 5 

Izzy Fisher
Ray Smith
Tom Oldfield
Shelby Donoghue

13:20 – 450 Race 6

Wendy Figures
Cerys Hughes
Andrea Startin
Andy Butler
Scott Richardson