Lanes to Lakes

Wendy Figures Swimming and Yorkshire Outdoor Swimmers present a season of coached open water training sessions at Harthill Reservoir, Carver Way, Harthill, Sheffield, S26 7XB.

For swimmers of all ability levels wanting to prepare for an open water event or just wanting to improve their open water swimming skills.

Wendy has masses of open water experience in both Summer and Winter events and she is perfectly suited to help anyone prepare for their upcoming challenges.

Summer Swimming at Harthill is on Tuesday evening and Saturday afternoon where swimmers can book in for an introductory session, 1:1, or group coached sessions.

If you are entering your first open water swimming event or your first triathlon with an open water swim, you would be well advised to book on to the training programme at least 1 month prior to your event.  Don’t leave it until a couple of days before the event.  The earlier you can start your training programme – the more prepared you will be.

Introductory Course

For swimmers who are new to open water. A 2-hour course teaching swimmers all the basic skills required.  The course is part theory and part practical.  Course content includes – wetsuit usage and other swim aids, cold water acclimatisation, entries, buddy swimming, pacing, sighting, turning, non wetsuit swimming and more.


(plus YOS membership / standard swim session fee)

1:1 Coached Sessions

A 45 minute session where the content of the session is structured around the swimmers needs.  Wendy will either swim or kayak alongside the swimmer and provide coaching along the way.  This is a good session for those who are competent swimmers but still a little nervous of swimming the full course and need further guidance along the way.  It’s also a good fast track introductory session with it being on a 1:1 basis.


(plus YOS membership / standard swim session fee)

1:2 Coached Sessions

Quite often, swimmers choose to enter an event with a friend.  This is an excellent session to prepare them for their training and the event itself.  A 45 minute session with Wendy swimming or kayaking alongside providing coaching and guidance along the way.


(plus YOS membership / standard swim session fee)